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How to cancel or stop a subscription or trial?

How to Cancel your Trial or Subscription 

Depending on how you signed up for TIDAL, there are a few different ways to cancel.

Please note that deleting the TIDAL app from your device(s) will not cancel your subscription since cancellations are processed only through the following methods:

Sprint -- If you signed up through Sprint or any other mobile carrier:
- Contact your phone provider customer support for assistance with your cancellation

TIDAL directly -- If you signed up through the TIDAL website:
- Visit my.TIDAL.com
- Log in with your username and password
- Click 'Subscription'
- Click 'Cancel My Subscription' then confirm cancellation

Apple iTunes -- If you signed up though iTunes Billing (In-App Purchase):

iOS Device:
- Open the 'App Store'
- Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the 'Apple ID' on the lower-left
- Scroll down and tap 'Manage App Subscriptions'
- Tap TIDAL and on the following screen and change your auto-renewal option to Off
- Tap Done

- Open iTunes then click the 'iTunes Store' tab
- Click 'Account' on the right side under 'Quick Links'
- Scroll down and click 'Manage' to the right of 'Subscriptions'
- From there, you can edit/cancel your TIDAL subscription

How to Cancel your Subscription with iTunes Billing (In-App Purchase)

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