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How to Block Content


Blocking a track or artist 

  • Search for the track in Explore
  • Tap on the Screen_Shot_2019-11-15_at_2.37.48_PM.png and select Go to Track Radio
  • Tap on the Screen_Shot_2019-11-15_at_2.37.48_PM.pngagain beside the track you want to block and select Block track or Block Artist
  • While track a from a mix is playing, click into the track and select the block icon Screen_Shot_2019-11-15_at_2.40.19_PM.png. From here, you can choose to block the track or artist. 

Please note that blocking a track, video or artist will just block the content from appearing in mixes and radio content. There is a limit of 1,000 blocks per subscriber. 


Blocking a subscriber profile 

  • Go to Explore and find the profile
  • Open a profile and under the page, tap on Screen_Shot_2019-11-15_at_2.37.48_PM.png
  • Tap Block

Managing Blocked Content 

From your profile, click onScreen_Shot_2019-11-15_at_2.37.48_PM.pngand navigate to Settings > Account > My content > Blocked. You will see Artists, Tracks, Videos and Profiles you've blocked in this section. 


Desktop & Web Player 

Blocking a track or artist 

  • Click on the specific Artist/Track Radio or My Mix playlist
  • On the right tap Block. This will allow you to block the track or artist. 

Please note on desktop and web player the block feature is only available and will only appear when playing mixes and radio content. 


Managing Blocked Content

  • Click on Screen_Shot_2019-11-15_at_2.37.48_PM.pngand select Settings
  • Click on Streaming > My Content > Blocked
  • Scroll down to My Content and select Blocked
  • Here you can view and manage blocked content by artists and tracks