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My Video Mix

TIDAL currently offers over 650,000 music videos, short docs, movies, live concerts, events, and original shows and podcasts.

My Video Mix is a video discovery feature that curates personalized video mixes based on your favorite content and listening behavior. Your mix will change gradually based on your activity, and will include your latest favorites and add videos with similar vibes. My Video Mixes will be grouped by artists and music clusters. Depending on the variety of music you enjoy, you will be offered 1-8 mixes.  The more you listen and watch, the more often the mixes will be updated.

You can locate My Video Mix at the top of the Videos section or in My Collection by clicking on My Mix. If you want to save a My Video Mix, you can save the mix by pressing + Create Playlist. This will save the My Video Mix as a playlist and add it to My Collection.

If you are new to TIDAL, you will start getting personalized mixes after you have streamed enough for our algorithms to determine your music personality!