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Daily Discovery


What is Daily Discovery?

Daily Discovery is a personalized playlist inspired by your listening, updated daily. 


Why don't I see any songs in my Daily Discovery playlist yet? 

If you're just starting TIDAL, we need time to get to know you. Your Daily Discovery section will be populated once we have data on your listening habits. The more you listen, the quicker this process will be. 


What if my Daily Discovery isn't updating regularly?

If you notice that your Daily Discovery isn't refreshing, it's important to ensure you've been actively using the app. Our algorithm relies on your recent activity to generate new recommendations. The more you engage with TIDAL, the more personalized and updated your Daily Discovery will be!

Why do songs I already know appear in Daily Discovery? 

This occasionally happens due to the timing of our recommendation process. There's a brief period between when we filter out familiar tracks from your Daily Discovery and when these recommendations are actually updated in the TIDAL app. If you happen to add a song to your favorites or playlists during this small window, it might still show up in your Daily Discovery.