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My Mix

My Mix is a personalized curated playlist of songs made especially for you.  

Each My Mix is personalized to your specific listening habits. Our expert algorithm combs the TIDAL library to create the perfect mix for you based on your most recent listening patterns and the music saved to My Collection.

Mixes will change gradually based on your activity. They will include your latest favorites and add tracks with similar vibes. My Mix features up to eight different curations based on the styles of music you stream. The more music you listen to, the more often your mixes are updated. Based on your listening habits, you will receive one to eight mixes.

Love today’s My Mix? You can save it to your collection as a playlist, download it, and listen to it on-demand.

If you are new to TIDAL, you will start getting personalized My Mixes after you have listened to enough music for our algorithms to start to detect your music personality. Within a day or two of listening, you will see My Mixes start to appear. 

You can find My Mix on your My Collection page.