• Accepted Payment Methods
  • While we do offer several payment options to choose from, there are few methods that are not supported by our system.


    Accepted Payments

    • Credit Card (directly issued by a major credit card company or bank)
    • Bank debit card (with Visa or Mastercard logo)
    • PayPal Account
    • Apple Wallet/iTunes Account (redeemable only by registration/reactivation from your iPhone)
    • TIDAL gift card, available at your local Walmart, Best Buy or GameStop (US Only)
    • Venmo (US only)

    Unsupported Payments

    • Direct debits from your checking account
    • Any use of a routing and bank account number
    • Prepaid Credit Cards (purchased from most retail chain stores)
    • 3rd party gift cards such as "Google Play" or "iTunes"

    An attempt to enter one of the unsupported payments will be denied and produce an error advising you to contact member support.

    However, to complete your request in a timelier manner, please note there is no manual override to allow an unsupported payment method to be applied.  TIDAL staff is strictly prohibited from completing this step on your behalf.

    Should you decide to submit an email to Member Support, the response will include the information already provided here. The best and only way to move forward in the processes is to choose an alternate method from the Accepted Payments list above.

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