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Add or Update Payment Information

All subscriptions must maintain a valid payment method. If your payment information changes or needs to be updated, this should be done prior to your next billing date to avoid any service interruption.

Note: This process can only be completed by TIDAL subscribers while logged in to their account. TIDAL Support cannot update, review or manually process any payment details.  


Add Payment Method – New Registrations

At the time of registration, you are asked to provide your preferred payment method to complete your registration. If you do not have access to a valid payment method, then the registration process becomes incomplete and you will be unable to proceed to your account. To complete this step, simply fill in the boxes on the payment page, check the box to acknowledge the Terms, click continue, and your account will be activated with a 30-day free trial if you have not previously subscribed to TIDAL. 

Update Payment Method     

  1. Log into
  2. Click the Payment link
  3. Click 'Edit Payment Method'

Credit Card

  • Enter your details on the following page
  • Click 'Add Credit Card'


  • Enter your PayPal login credentials
  • Click 'Log In'
  • Follow the prompts to add your PayPal account to your TIDAL account

Your previous payment method will continue to show as the primary one until the billing period ends. On your next billing date, the new payment info on file will be processed. 


Venmo - (IOS & Android Only)

         Sign-up for TIDAL using Venmo: 

  • Create your TIDAL account and select plan
  • Choose Venmo as the payment method
  • Authorize and link your Venmo account 
  • Start streaming!  

          Update your payment method to Venmo: 

  • Log in to
  • Click the Payment link
  • Click 'Edit Payment Method'
  • Choose Venmo as the payment method
  • Authorize and link your Venmo account 
  • Redirect back to TIDAL


Why am I receiving a payment error? 

Payment errors can occur for several reasons. The most common are as follows:

  • Incorrect details. Double-check the card information or PayPal login credentials
  • Overseas Transaction – TIDAL is a Swedish based company. For added protection, some banks and credit card companies will restrict your card from being used toward a subscription because of the potential threat of an unauthorized overseas transition. Many banks and credit card companies will lift this restriction by request of the client
  • Unauthorized Payment Method – TIDAL restricts the use of prepaid cards or 3rd party gift cards such as “Google Play” or “iTunes”. You must use a bank-issued card or directly issued credit card from a major card company

Can I change my billing currency?

Your account's currency, country, and subscription amount are set based on the IP address at registration and cannot be changed. If you’d like to change your country and associated currency, you have two options:

  • Create an account with a different email address with your updated billing address. We can help with transferring your playlists and favorites once your new account is created.
  • Delete your account and sign up for a new account with your updated billing address. If you choose to delete your account, note that you should plan to do this on the last day of your billing cycle, as you will be charged immediately upon restarting your subscription with the same email address. You can use the same email address. 

Why does my TIDAL billing date change each month?

TIDAL subscription fees are charged every 30 days rather than on a set date each month. Since the number of days in a month can vary, your billing date will adjust accordingly. We cannot adjust billing dates.