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Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos Music is an immersive audio experience. Dolby Atmos Music allows sounds to be precisely placed, adding dimensionality to create a full audio atmosphere.


Common devices that support Dolby Atmos

See the full list of compatible devices here. 

iOS (15 or later) 

Apple TV 4K (running tvOS 13 or later)
Note: The Dolby Atmos audio format output by Apple TV is incompatible with HDMI ARC and requires HDMI eARC. If your TV does not support HDMI eARC, we recommend connecting your Apple TV 4K directly to the HDMI input of your AVR or soundbar.

Nvidia Shield TV and Shield TV Pro (2019 and newer models)


Understanding Dolby Atmos playback

  • When a device or connected playback system lacks Dolby Atmos capability, TIDAL identifies this limitation and switches to the stereo version of the track. Users will be promptly informed of this adjustment through an in-app notification.
  • Transitioning between Dolby Atmos and stereo formats requires the TV, AVR, or soundbar to reconfigure its audio setup to accommodate the new format. This necessary adjustment may lead to a brief pause in audio output at the beginning of each new track, ensuring the optimal listening experience for the chosen format.
  • TIDAL does not support Dolby Atmos playback on desktop clients or Pixel devices.
  • Not all TIDAL content is available in the Dolby Atmos. Learn more here.