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TIDAL Connect

TIDAL Connect allows you to stream your favorite music seamlessly from the cloud straight to your connected devices. TIDAL Connect makes it possible for us to deliver the music you want to hear, uninterrupted and without any loss in quality, to your preferred hardware. 

How to Use TIDAL Connect

  • In the TIDAL app, open the Now Playing screen while playing a track
  • From the Now Playing screen, select the device output icon
  • Choose a TIDAL Connect enabled speaker from the list

Requirements for Using TIDAL Connect

  • Your speaker/audio system needs to be able to support TIDAL Connect. Check the list of supported devices here:
  • Ensure your TIDAL app version is on or above:
      - iOS: iOS15 or later
      - Android: Android 7 or later 
  • Ensure your mobile device is on the same network as the device you're using for TIDAL Connect

FAQs about TIDAL Connect 

Can I play on my speaker at home when I am away?

No, you must be on the same WiFi/network with the chosen audio device.

Can I use TIDAL Connect to play my offline content on my speakers?

No. When you are in offline mode, we assume you have no access to your WiFi/internet network.

I can connect to my speaker with Chromecast, Bluetooth or with TIDAL Connect. Which one should I choose? Why?

If TIDAL Connect is available, choose that! TIDAL Connect supports the full range of audio quality you can find in the TIDAL app.

Can I listen to HiRes FLAC content through TIDAL Connect? 

Select TIDAL partners support HiRes FLAC. For more information on if your specific device is supported, please reference:,tidal-connect