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System Requirements


Windows 7 or later

Processor/CPU: 2.33GHz Intel® Pentium® 4, AMD Athlon® 64 2800+, or faster.

RAM: 512MB (1GB recommended)



Mac OS X v10.9 or later

Processor/CPU: Intel® Core™ Duo or faster

RAM: 512MB (1GB recommended)


Web Browser: (for use on Macs (OSX) or Windows-based computers)

Google Chrome v.39 or higher   

***Please note: Chrome is the only web browser that works with HiFi streaming.  (The other apps made by TIDAL natively supports HiFI)

Firefox v33.1 or higher

MS Edge 11

Safari v8.0 (10.10 Yosemite), v7.0, 7.1 (10.9 Mavericks), v6.2 (10.8 Mountain Lion), v6.1.6 (10.7 Lion)

Opera (latest version)



iPhone, iPad:

iOS v 10.3.3 or later

*****Please note: The iPod is not supported*****



Version 5 or later

*****Please note: The Blackberry Android version is not supported.*****


Kindle Fire:

Android version 4.4.4 or higher

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