• What can I do on TIDAL Artist Home?
  • TIDAL Artist Home lets artists and their teams directly manage what fans see when they visit their artist profile on TIDAL.

    Depending on your role, TIDAL Artist Home lets users directly update (or request updates to):

    - Artist profile picture
    - Artist biography
    - Artist social media links
    - Artist account details
    - Inaccurate content on their profile or others
    - Team members and permissions

    Please note that users cannot directly update the actual content received by TIDAL from third parties, such as distributors, labels, or content providers. In these instances, users can request, or learn how to request, edits by selecting “Report” at the bottom of the “Profile” page in TIDAL Artist Home. 

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    At this time, TIDAL Artist Home is by invitation only. If you're an artist on TIDAL and haven't been invited yet, hang tight! We will expand access to all artists in the near future.