• Sales Tax Information
  • In February 2022, TIDAL began to charge tax as part of users' monthly bills across a select number of states as required by US law. The total tax applied varies by county, city, and state, and is based on the rates applicable at the time of your payment. This tax update does not affect all states or users.

    Please see below if the state your account is attached to has been impacted: 

    Impacted States:

    AK (locals only) IA MS RI WA
    AR IL, City of Chicago NE SC WV
    CO LA NJ TN  
    CT ME NC TX  
    DC MD OH UT  



    Q: Where can I see how much sales tax I am being charged?

    A: The sales tax is shown as a separate line item on your invoice which you can view by visiting and clicking on ‘Payment.’


    Q: I have been a TIDAL subscriber for years, why are you imposing this tax now?

    A: TIDAL is required to comply with state and local tax laws, resulting in the charge of the tax on your subscription price. The total tax applied varies by county, city and state, and is based on the rates applicable at the time of your payment. These amounts can change over time based on updates in local tax requirements.


    Q: Are paid subscriptions the only thing impacted?

    A: Sales of digital items sold on our online store will also be subject to sales tax based on local tax requirements.


    Q: I don’t see a tax line item on my receipt, what is the reason?

    A: Please keep in mind that you will only see this charge if you are paying directly through TIDAL with your credit, debit card, or through PayPal.

    Q: Does the sales tax I'm being charged change if I move to a different state? 

    A: The tax rate you are currently being charged is based on the zip code you provided when adding a payment method to your account. To change the tax rate to correspond with your new billing address, please complete the following:

    • Navigate to and log into your account profile.
    • Select Payment to view your current payment details.
    • Delete your existing payment method.
    • Add (or re-add) your payment method with the new billing zip code.

    You should see an updated tax rate with your next billing cycle. You can view this next invoice on your billing date by returning to and selecting Payment.