• What are Direct Artist Payouts?
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    TIDAL is introducing a direct-to-artist payment component: the Direct Artists Payout program.  Direct Artist Payouts are an innovative way for fans to more directly support their top streamed artists with HiFi Plus every month.


    How does the Direct Artists Payout program work?

    Up to 10% of a HiFi Plus member’s subscription fee will be directed to each subscriber’s most-listened-to artist for the month based on audio track streams. Following the end of every calendar month, we will look back at a subscriber’s most-listened-to artist, and allocate the direct payment to that artist. In the future, we expect to introduce additional ways in which artists can receive allocations through the Direct Artists Payout program beyond just volume of listens in a calendar month.

    We are currently collecting direct payment information from artists themselves, as well as teaming up with third party partners in order to quickly scale direct payments. In certain instances, we may not yet have accurate direct payment information for an artist, in which case we will hold the attributable funds for one year and may pay those out as soon as we gather the relevant data.

    The direct-to-artist payments will be allocated towards recording artists of sound recordings. In the future our hope is to launch a similar program for songwriters in the future.


    Am I able to choose an artist to receive my payout–regardless of my streaming history?

    Currently, we do not offer an option to directly designate an artist to receive the Direct Artist Payout. The allocation of funds is directed to an account’s most-listened-to artist in a given calendar month, so your listening choices determine the artist. We’ll continue to explore other options as we look ahead - stay tuned for more from us soon!


    When Will I See Which Artist Will Receive My Allocation If I am on a trial?

    You won’t see any allocations until you become a fully paying HiFi Plus subscriber. You will then receive your report on the first day of the month after you were billed. So, if you joined TIDAL on the 15th of the month on a 30-day trial, you will qualify to participate in the program one day after the end of the following month (approximately 45 days after you joined). You should see your report within 1-2 days following that.


    How Does TIDAL Define an “Artist” for this program?

     We allocate direct-to-artist payments to primary recording artists that are listed on a track. “Featured” artists do not accrue streams for purposes of the Direct Artist Payout program.  


    When do Direct Artist Payouts get calculated and when can I see them?

    Direct Artist Payouts get calculated on the first of each month based on your activity in the prior month. 


    Where can I see Direct Artist Payouts?

    You can check the My Activity tab in the app to see the results of your prior month's streams on Direct Artists Payouts.


    Do all HiFi Plus members have access to Direct Artist Payouts?

    There are some HiFi Plus users who do not have access to Direct Artist Payouts based on their subscription type. All TIDAL HiFi Plus users have access to premium, immersive audio experiences.

    User Type

    Direct Artist Payout

    Subscribers through Service Providers (i.e. - Sprint, PlayPoland)


    Family Plan - Parent Account (Main Account)


    Family Plan - Child


    Users on Discounted Plans 


    Also note that if you are on a free trial or have not paid for your plan (i.e. - payment issue), these features will not be available to you until you are charged