• TIDAL Artist Empowerment
  • Our Mission 

    TIDAL is a global music platform that helps fans and artists fully immerse themselves in their love of music. Founded by artists for artists, we will always be artist-first. 


    How TIDAL Supports Artists 

    Launched in 2015, TIDAL first began actively supporting developing artists with the establishment of TIDAL RISING, creating a space to feature developing artists across every genre on a regular basis through playlisting and video content.

    Through our new developments to the TIDAL RISING program, we're offering up-and-coming artists funding and educational resources to make it easier for them to focus on making music. 

    From mentorship on growing and strengthening their audiences to opportunities to build personal networks and create a community with other artists in the early stages of their careers, 

    TIDAL RISING supports a diversity of artists with the education, connections, and amplification to better navigate the music industry. These latest updates to the program are made possible by paying TIDAL members. Learn more about TIDAL RISING here.