• Vizio
  • To download TIDAL on your Vizio device:

    1. Press the VIA button and scroll until you find the Yahoo Connected Store (for VIA TV) or the App Store (for VIA+ TV)
    2. Launch the store and search for TIDAL. Once located, highlight 'Install App' to download to your TV and add to the VIA dock.
    3. To add TIDAL to your VIA+ dock, press and hold the 'OK' button on the remote and a pop-up will appear stating that it has been added to your dock.
    4. Once TIDAL has been added to Vizio (VIA or VIA+ dock) you can log in to your existing TIDAL account or sign up to create a new one.

    To stream directly to your Vizio device, you can use the Vizio SmartCast App which will allow you to control and play content on your Vizio TV from your TIDAL app. 

    To cast TIDAL to your Vizio TV without the SmartCast App, find and select the Sound Output icon in the bottom left corner of the currently playing track and choose your Vizio TV from the list to cast directly to your selected device.