• Waze
  • TIDAL and Waze have partnered to provide our users with a seamless experience streaming with TIDAL while navigating with Waze. 

    To enable or disable TIDAL in Waze:

    1. Open the Waze app and tap on the Search icon. Then tap on Settings.

    2. Scroll to find and select Audio Player. Then enable or disable it by switching the toggle.

    To connect or disconnect TIDAL in Waze:

    1. Ensure the Audio Player is toggled on in order to connect or disconnect TIDAL. 

    2. Return to the Waze home page and click on  🎵in the upper right corner.

    3. Select TIDAL from the list of audio apps and then accept to finish connecting or disconnecting.

    To use TIDAL in Waze:

    1. Click on the TIDAL icon on the Waze home page.

    2. Here is where you can switch between songs using forward/backward and play/pause tracks.

    In order to access additional features, you can switch to the TIDAL app directly within Waze. Once you make your selections, you can easily navigate back to Waze by clicking the banner within TIDAL.