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360 Reality Audio

360 Reality Audio is an immersive experience using Sony's spatial audio technology. This format utilizes a spatial sound field by creating multiple virtual speakers which can be heard in front, back, above, and below you in a true 360-degree space. Learn more here at Please note not all content is available in 360 Reality Audio.

While 360 Reality Audio works with all smartphones and headphones, owners of compatible Sony headphones can configure a personalized experience via the Sony Headphones Connect app. For more information, please refer to Sony

Important to note: 

The spatial impression of the acoustic field (localization of the sound) may vary from person to person. Some people may experience discomfort, especially when feeling an unnatural spatial impression of the field. If you experience any discomfort, stop listening to the music immediately.

You can enable or disable Sony 360 tracks on mobile devices by navigating to the Immersive Audio toggle in Settings > Audio & Playback.