• Vodafone TV App Spain
  • I have subscribed to TIDAL on Vodafone TV, can I use TIDAL on my phone or other devices?

    Yes, of course. In order to login on any other device, simply enter the username and password you created with Vodafone TV. Go to https://login.tidal.com/resetpass if you don’t remember your password.

    I am a TIDAL user and I use my Facebook to login. Can I do that on Vodafone TV? 
    Unfortunately, you can only login with your username and password. If you always log in with Facebook, you need to create a password here: https://login.tidal.com/resetpass

    Can I enjoy master quality albums on my Vodafone TV?

    No, the Vodafone TV device doesn’t support master quality. Highest audio quality is HiFi.