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Humane AI Pin

What is the Humane AI Pin?

The AI Pin is a groundbreaking wearable AI device launched by Humane. The device is designed to integrate seamlessly with your daily life, recognizing your location and mood to play appropriate music. TIDAL is the exclusive music streaming provider for the AI Pin. Learn more here:

How can I take advantage of the 90-day free TIDAL trial offer for Humane?
The 90-day free trial offer is available to all new customers of TIDAL and the AI Pin based in the US. Users who have previously had a free trial with TIDAL are not eligible. Details on how to claim this offer will be provided with your device purchase.

Is TIDAL included in my Humane AI Pin subscription?
No, the Humane subscription does not include a TIDAL subscription. TIDAL must be subscribed to separately. 

Can I download songs for offline listening on my AI Pin? The AI Pin does not currently support offline listening. All music streaming requires an active internet connection.

How can I manage my playlists on the AI Pin?
Playlists need to be created and managed through the TIDAL mobile or desktop app or However, you can view your play history in Humane.Center.

Who should I contact if I need assistance with redeeming my free trial or playing TIDAL on my AI Pin? 

For all issues related to TIDAL on your Humane device, the Humane Support Team is on standby to assist. Please reach out to them directly here: When reaching out, please include as many details as possible.  This will help them resolve your query more efficiently.