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Recent Changes to TIDAL Subscriptions

General Subscription Updates


Has TIDAL launched new subscription plans or revised its pricing structure?

Yes. We updated our pricing for TIDAL globally on April 10, 2024. All subscribers can now access all of our current streaming features, including all premium audio formats, on a single subscription tier called TIDAL at the cost of the previous HiFi subscription. An add-on is available at an additional monthly cost to access TIDAL's catalog on DJ hardware and software.


How did the combination of HiFi and HiFi Plus tiers into a single TIDAL plan affect my subscription?

Subscribers who were on HiFi Plus and HiFi tiers were transitioned to the new TIDAL tier, ensuring continued access to over 110 million tracks in lossless quality, including HiRes FLAC and Dolby Atmos, at a consolidated price of $10.99 USD/month on an Individual plan.

Subscribers previously enrolled in HiFi Plus who actively use TIDAL’s DJ integrations will automatically gain access to the DJ add-on, at $9 USD per month, without any change to their overall subscription cost.

Family Plan Updates

What changes were made to the Family Plan?

The HiFi Plus and HiFi Family plans were combined into a new Family subscription tier priced at $16.99 USD/month called TIDAL Family. 

Is the DJ Extension available on the Family plan? 

No. If the main account owner would like to access DJ integrations, they will have to subscribe to a TIDAL Individual plan with the DJ Extension add-on. Their family members will then need to select a new TIDAL Individual plan or join a different Family plan, as the DJ Extension is not available with Family plans.

DJ Extension Updates

What is the DJ Extension, and how much does it cost?

The DJ Extension is an add-on available to  Individual plan subscribers for $9 USD/month that allows access to stem separation on DJ hardware and software (stem separation varies by partner), and access to over 110 million songs in lossless quality through TIDAL’s suite of DJ integrations. This is in addition to the TIDAL Individual plan priced at $10.99 USD/month.

I previously had a HiFi subscription. Can I still access DJ integrations? 

For continued access to DJ integrations, the DJ Extension would need to be added to your TIDAL Individual subscription. If you were using DJ integrations but do not wish to continue with the additional cost for the DJ Extension, you can continue enjoying TIDAL’s extensive lossless catalog for your music listening needs.

Why was my subscription changed from HiFi Plus to TIDAL Individual with the DJ Extension?

If you used the DJ integration feature any time in the 90 days before March 1, your account was kept at the $19.99 USD rate to ensure uninterrupted access to our suite of DJ integrations. 

Why do I see 'TIDAL + DJ Extension' on the Subscription page on if I'm not a DJ?

If you were previously subscribed to a HiFi Plus Individual or HiFi Plus Family account, your Subscription page will automatically display 'TIDAL + DJ Extension' until your next billing date. At that time, the Subscription page on will update accordingly. You can always double-check that the add-on has been removed by toggling off the DJ Extension option at

I no longer need the DJ Extension. How can I remove it?

You have the option to manually remove the DJ Extension at Once removed, you will have access to the DJ Extension until your next billing date. 

Is stem separation available with the DJ Extension? 

Yes. The DJ Extension allows access to stem separation on DJ hardware and software. Stem separation availability varies by partner.

Is there a free trial for the DJ Extension? 

New TIDAL subscribers choosing TIDAL with the DJ Extension will get a 30-day trial for the full experience. When you add the DJ Extension to an existing subscription, it activates immediately without a trial period. This will result in a 50% reduction in the remaining time of your current billing cycle. This prorated adjustment allows you to enjoy the DJ Extension without delay

Discounted Subscriptions

Are there any changes to the Student plan? 

Students currently on TIDAL's discounted student plan will continue to enjoy a reduced rate of $4.99 USD/month. This includes access to over 110 million tracks in lossless audio including HiRes FLAC and Dolby Atmos, personalized recommendations, and offline listening. However, the new DJ Extension is not eligible to be added to student plans.

Are there any changes to the Military/First Responder discounts?

We are thankful for those who serve and have served in the United States to keep the country healthy and safe. While we are no longer offering new Military/First Responder discounts, existing TIDAL customers with Military/First Responder discounts will maintain their discounts until June 10, 2024.

All customers with Military/First Responder discounts who choose to stay on a TIDAL Individual plan after this, will have access to best-in-class sound quality with TIDAL’s full HiRes FLAC, Dolby Atmos catalog for $10.99 USD/month. 


Why do I need to subscribe to a paid plan to continue using TIDAL if I was on the TIDAL Free tier before?

Users who were previously on the TIDAL Free tier will need to switch to a paid TIDAL subscription to continue enjoying TIDAL services, which offer ad-free listening to over 110 million tracks in lossless audio, including HiRes FLAC and Dolby Atmos, for $10.99 USD/month.

I was previously on the TIDAL Free tier. Was my account automatically converted to a paid subscription?

No, your account was not automatically converted to a paid subscription. To continue enjoying TIDAL, you will need to proactively choose and subscribe to a paid plan. Your access to TIDAL will be paused until you switch to a paid plan.