• TIDAL is pre installed directly on IXION’s Maestro, but can also be controlled remotely via the IXION app

    You can enjoy and control TIDAL directly on IXION Maestro via its touch screen display, without the need for a tablet or smartphone.

    Select TIDAL on the Maestro home screen, the first time you use TIDAL on IXION it will ask you to log into your TIDAL account.

    IXION will then display your previously saved playlists, and the search field to discover new music (In the future you will come straight to this screen every time you select TIDAL on IXION, you don’t need to enter your TIDAL account details again unless you manually ask IXION to log out)

    IXION will automatically stream lossless FLAC if you have a HIFI account, you can also adjust the 5-band equalizer ( accessed via icon on the bottom right under the album art) to your own preferences.

    To set up TIDAL on the IXION app for iOS/Android search for IXION Maestro on the app Store/Google Play Store.

    The first time you use the app enter your TIDAL username and password, IXION will store this and automatically login to your account the next time you use TIDAL via the app

    IXION Maestro and the IXION app will automatically recognize each other, as long as they are connected to the same WIFI network