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What are examples of the support TIDAL is giving artists?

TIDAL X:  A program that supports artists by giving them a platform to connect with their most loyal fans around the globe exclusively through TIDAL. TIDAL X will give fans an opportunity to connect with their favorite artists in an unlimited number of ways, witnessing unique experiences that no one outside of TIDAL will see. It could be an intimate performance, a meet-and-greet, a dinner, etc. – the possibilities are endless. And these TIDAL X experiences will showcase and support artists of all levels, no matter how big or small.

TIDAL RISING:  A program dedicated to artists from around the globe who have passionate fan bases and are ready to broaden that base to a wider audience. TIDAL RISING was built to help accelerate the exposure that artists who are on the verge of breaking big need to gain through exclusive features to TIDAL subscribers.

TIDAL DISCOVERY:  Some of the best music in the world is the music we never hear, because sometimes the most talented unsigned artists don’t get the break they deserve. TIDAL Discovery was built to give them that break. This is an area within TIDAL that is exactly what the name suggests – a place for TIDAL subscribers to exclusively discover the music of tomorrow so that it becomes their music of today.



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