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HiFi vs. Premium Subscriptions

What is the difference between a HiFi Subscription and a Premium Subscription? 


With a TIDAL HiFi subscription, you have have the ability to stream 46 million tracks in lossless quality. Lossless content is CD quality music meaning that the files are not compressed, so that you hear the music the way the artists intended for their music to be heard. 


With a TIDAL Premium subscription, you still have access to over 46 million tracks, but you are restricted to only High quality. This means that the maximum quality is AAC 320 kbps. 

What else is included?

In both HiFi and Premium subscriptions, users have access to 192,000 High Quality Music Videos, with no ads. Also, users have access to our curated editorial content, so you can learn more about your favorite content, read artist interviews, and experience hand crafted playlists from the editorial team and artists themselves. 

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