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iOS In-App Sign Up (In-App Purchase)

To register for TIDAL via your iOS device, first go to the Apple App Store on your iPhone, search for TIDAL HiFi, and download the application to your device. 

Once you have downloaded the TIDAL iOS application to your phone, launch the app, and click sign up. 



Here you have the option to sign up with 3 different methods, Facebook, Twitter, or your email address. 

Facebook Sign Up:

- If you have a Facebook account linked on your phone, when clicking the Facebook option it will ask you to allow TIDAL to access some of your basic profile information. 

- Once you have allowed access, you will then be logged in to the TIDAL mobile application. 

Twitter Sign Up: 

- If you have a Twitter account set up on your phone, you will see an option to select the appropriate account you wish to register with TIDAL. 

- Select the account, and then you will be automatically logged in to the TIDAL mobile application. 

Email Sign Up:

- To register for TIDAL via your email, simply fill out the required fields. 

- Your email address will be used as your TIDAL username. 

- At this time it is not possible to change your username from your email address. 

Activating your Account:

- Now that you have registered with one of the three options mentioned above, let's get your subscription set up, so that you can begin to stream TIDAL. 

- You may notice that if you try to play a track you will be asked to activate a subscription, click Continue to complete your registration process. 


- After selecting continue, you will then be asked which type of subscription plan you would like to register with. 


- Offers CD quality content, streaming millions of FLAC Lossless tracks available in the TIDAL music Library


- Offers access to all of the TIDAL content, but only at High Quality, AAC 320 kbps. 



- After selecting the subscription that best suits your listening needs, you will then be asked to log in with your AppStore Apple ID to continue with the purchase of your subscription, either via Touch ID or by entering your Apple ID password (the password used to download apps from the AppStore)

- Once you have completed entering your details, there will be a series of pop up notifications confirming the subscription. 

- Now you have successfully activated your subscription, sit back and enjoy the music. 


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