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How can I control TIDAL on Wadia?

Download the latest version for iOS/Android at the App Store/Amazon App Store or Google Play Store and search for Wadia Media Bridge.  With the Wadia Media Bridge Controller you can find new album releases, browse your favorite artist, discover new music based on your mood and more!

How do I add multiple TIDAL accounts to my Wadia?

Select the TIDAL streaming service under the streaming tab in the Wadia Media Bridge Controller App.  Select “Account” then “Use another TIDAL account”. Option to enter in your TIDAL account credentials or subscribe for another account will become available. If another account has already been setup on Wadia, simply select the desired account that you wish to access TIDAL.

How do I know if my Wadia is streaming lossless content from TIDAL?

There is no visual indication or settings to control what you stream. As long as you have a valid TIDAL subscription it will automatically stream HiFi.

What is the streaming rate and streaming format for TIDAL on Wadia?

TIDAL streams in lossless FLAC.


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