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How do I request new music on TIDAL?

To make a catalog request please fill out this form

On an ongoing basis we will be adding catalogs from additional US independent labels. We will add new tracks, albums and videos as they are released by the labels on a daily basis. Plus, we also want to encourage our subscribers to provide feedback about music they would like to see in the service if they don’t see it yet, and we will do our best to get it on to TIDAL.

If you’re looking for an artist, album, or song that you cannot find in our Music Catalog, here are the most common reasons why the music might be unavailable: 

 1. The music has not been released digitally (especially some older music where the band/management is no longer active and digital licensing was not included in original label deal).

2. The artist/management has recently switched to a new record label or digital distributor and the content has not yet been re-sent to us.

3. The artist/management has elected not to make it available for streaming.

4. The music has been released digitally, but we do not have the licenses to stream it on TIDAL. 

To make a catalog request please fill out this form



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