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How to set up TIDAL on Squeezebox


Log in with your Squeezebox account to install TIDAL on your system. 

Install TIDAL here


  1. Install the ickStream plugin in LMS (Logitech Media Server)
  2. Approve the terms of use for the Squeezebox player types in your setup
  3. Login/register an account on the ickStream Music Platform
  4. Add Tidal to your account and enter the service account details

Full installation instructions here: http://wiki.ickstream.com/index.php/Open_Beta_Squeezebox_Installation

For support or any questions regarding ickStream and the Squeezebox in particular, the forum is available at https://forum.ickstream.com or send a mail to: support@ickstream.com

*** if you have any playback trouble, please do the following***

2. In the “Services” section remove TIDAL from their account
3. In the “Services” section add TIDAL to their account
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