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How do I create playlists on iPhone & iPad?

Create a Playlist

Search for a song or album. Then press the 3 dots next to track name or album, and select "+" symbol to add it to an existing playlist or to make a new playlist, select `create new playlist’.

My music and playlists

Under ‘My Music’ in the bottom menu, you can find all of your favorites, whether it may be playlists, artists, albums or tracks.

Under playlists in ‘My Music,’ you can find both your own playlists and other playlists you follow. You can sort between them by pressing the person icon or star icon at the top of the screen. On the iPad, drag the screen down, until you see all your playlists and then the menu appears.

Want to see more playlists in TIDAL? Then press ‘Playlists’ in the bottom menu. You can find ready-made playlists tailored-made by our editorial team. If you ‘Favorite’ a playlist, you will easily find it under ‘My Music.’

Delete playlist

Select your playlist, click '...' next to the playlist name and select 'delete' playlist.

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