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How do I share music?

In TIDAL, you can freely tell your friends about artists, albums, tracks and playlists, either by sending a link by e-mail or by posting directly to Facebook and Twitter. Music has a link for sharing, you can right-click on the album/track/playlist to find the relevant link.

TIDAL + Facebook

It is also possible to connect TIDAL to Facebook. By clicking on “Settings”, you will receive the option “Connect to Facebook”. You will then be asked about how much music you want to share with your friends. After logging in with your e-mail address and password you use for Facebook, TIDAL will bring out your friends who also use TIDAL.

That way, you and your Facebook friends who are also on TIDAL, will have direct access to each other’s favorites, whether you’re talking about artists, albums, tracks or playlists. Under “My friends”, there is a list of your friends, and by clicking on their name you will be directed to their personal page of favorites.

You can choose which of your favorites you want to share – all or only some specially selected.

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