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How do I use offline-mode on Android?

How to 'Download' Music to your Device?

As you gain familiarity with the app you will notice an Offline switch throughout the music content you are browsing.

It’s easy to add albums and playlists for offline listening. Here’s how:

- Click on any album or playlist.

- Press the offline switch right below the playlist or album name

- You have now started the download of the tracks.

-Inversely, to remove a downloaded playlist used for offline, just turn the switch to the off position. This will free up storage space on your device. 


Download Queue

The albums or playlists you have selected to store offline will be put in a queue for downloading. You can add multiple albums and playlists immediately, without waiting. You get to the Download Queue by pressing the ‘Offline Content’ button in the bottom menu and then swiping to ‘Download Queue’.

It is important to note for iPhone and iPad users that the TIDAL app must be actively running (the screen cannot go black) for the music to completely download. 


How to Use TIDAL Offline?

You can set TIDAL in Offline Mode when logged into the app. Once you are logged in, select ‘Offline’ from the bottom menu.

Press ‘Offline’ again to go back online.

By activating this offline switch, you will be able to enjoy only the content that is downloaded to your device. Think of this switch as an 'Airplane Mode' for the TIDAL app. You will not be able to stream any content that is not downloaded on your device.

This is a good way to check that you have downloaded all of the content you wish to listen to, for instance when you are traveling. It is also a nice feature to make sure that you are not using your cellular data plan, and it is the most energy efficient way to enjoy your HiFi music. 

Press the switch again to go back online


 For more information about TIDAL Offline, see General - Offline Mode

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