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How Do I Create Playlists?

To create a playlist on your desktop, in the left column under My Playlists, click Create New Playlist. Give the list a name, click Enter and then fill it with music. You may have unlimited playlists. 

There are several ways to add tracks and albums to your playlists on your desktop. You can click on the cover image or track and drag the music to My Playlists to add to your general music collection, or you can click on the + and add to your playlist.

If you want to change the name of the list on your desktop, press the edit button located to the right of the playlist title. You can also add a description of your playlist to specify what it is.

To delete a playlist on your desktop, go to the Playlist bar on the left-hand slider under My Collection. You can right-click the playlist with your mouse and choose to delete or select the more options menu on an open playlist and select delete.