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How do I use the TIDAL mobile app?

Left menu

In the left menu, you can easily navigate in TIDAL. Access the menu by swiping from left to right on the screen or by pressing the top left icon (three lines stacked on one another) on the home screen.

My music and playlists

Under ‘My Music’ in the left menu, you can find all your favorites, whether playlists, artists, albums or tracks.

Under playlists in ‘My Music,’ you can find both your own playlists and other playlists you follow. You can sort between them by pressing the person icon or star icon at the top of the screen. On the iPad, drag the screen down, until you see all your playlists and then the menu appears.

Want to see more playlists in TIDAL? Then press ‘Playlists’ in the left menu. You can find ready-made playlists by our editorial team. If you ‘Favorite’ a playlist, you will easily find it under ‘My Music.’

How to create Playlists

Search for a song or album. Then press the 3 dots next to the track name or album, and select the "+" symbol to add it to a playlist or to create a new playlist.

see also General - Create Playlist

Offline function

By using the offline function, you can easily listen to music without access to internet or any additional costs from your mobile plan due to heavy data usage. Simply set an album or playlist to Offline by pressing the offline button below the album name or playlist name. Click 'Offline content' in the left menu to see the download progress.

You can access all your offline content by selecting ‘Offline’ in the left menu.

see also General - Offline Mode

Music videos

Now you can watch HD music videos in TIDAL. Videos can be found on the artist pages. If you are on an artist page in TIDAL, swipe from right to left to get to music videos and press ‘Play’ on the video you want to see. By turning the screen horizontally on your smartphone or tablet, the video will expand to full screen.

Quick menu

The Quick Menu can be found by clicking on the three dots that are horizontally placed, next to a track, album, playlist and in the music player. Clicking on this button reveals more options for you to use.

By using the Quick Menu, you can easily add the track, album or playlist to the Play Queue or to your favorites. You can also share it with friends or get more info.

Music Player and Play Queue

Browse the whole music player by pulling it up from the minimized player at the bottom of the screen. Here you can see what’s playing and skip to the previous or next track in the Play Queue. To find all functions in the Music Player, press the Quick Menu (the three dots). Here, you can select shuffle, repeat, Favorite, Track Radio, Share, add to the Play Queue or a playlist, go to album or artist, and get info on the track you are listening to.

In the Play Queue, you can remove or change the order of the tracks being played. On your tablet or smartphone, start the Play Queue by dragging from right to left on the screen.

What do I do when the app is crashing?

Did you try to restart the app? If that did not help, delete the app, restart your device, reinstall from App Store or website. If you had saved any offline content, go to Settings and select ‘Restore Offline Content.’ If you are still having problems, please contact customer service at support@tidalhifi.com.

Sound Quality

  1. Go to 'Settings'. You can change the streaming quality from ‘Normal’ or ‘High’ to ‘HiFi.’ You can also do this with the offline content under 'Download quality'.
  2. A white HiFi icon appears in the player when you’re listening to lossless audio quality, otherwise it will be grey.

Deauthorize a phone

You can go to ‘Settings’ in TIDAL - Offline - Authorized devices: deauthorize devices from there.


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