• Redeeming Vouchers
  • Vouchers are distributed by TIDAL and verified TIDAL Partners.

    TIDAL Member Support staff does not have voucher codes for individual distribution.

    To apply a voucher, please use the following steps:

    1. Visit http://TIDAL.com/redeem
    2. Enter the code
    3. Create your login details
    4. Enter your payment details. You will not be charged until the voucher time has depleted


    1. You may visit www.TIDAL.com, click 'Menu' on the top right of the screen then select 'Redeem Voucher'.

    Note: Do not click “try now” on the TIDAL registration screen. You will not be prompted to enter a code and Vouchers cannot be added after the account has been created and/or Active.


    Invalid Voucher Code or Error

    If you receive an 'Invalid' notification after entering the voucher code, this means the code was entered incorrectly or has already been applied toward another subscription. Voucher codes are for one time use and become invalid once they have successfully been applied to an account. TIDAL staff cannot apply a voucher or manually change an 'Invalid' voucher status.


    Voucher FAQs

    • Some vouchers may include an alternate website or link. This means your voucher is only redeemable through that web address and following the prompts
    • Vouchers are only valid for a Premium Subscription. Upgrades to HiFi, after the account is activated, will instantly void the full voucher time, without redemption
    • Vouchers are only available for new users, unless otherwise specified
    • Vouchers cannot be applied, without the code or link. Manual submissions or overrides by TIDAL staff or management, is strictly prohibited. If you lost your voucher code or link, please contact the original distributor for assistance
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