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Update your TIDAL artist profile

In the Home section of TIDAL Artist Home, you can: 

  • Update or Add your profile image

    • Images with a central focus work the best.
    • JPEG files with 1500 x 1500 dimensions smaller than 10MB are ideal. 
    • Images will be cropped to fit inside the square and circle frame in TIDAL. You have the option to crop your image once it’s uploaded.

  • Update or Add your bio

    • Deepen your relationship with your listeners and potential fans by sharing your origin story, a description of your musical style, career highlights, and other details that help tell your story as an artist. 
    • If a third-party provider sources your bio, you’ll need to contact them to make updates. If Xperi sources your content, you can contact them at
  • Update or Add your social links

    • Add your Instagram, Facebook, X, TikTok accounts and website URL 
  • Report an issue on your artist profile

    • Please use the Report function within TIDAL Artist Home to address any content issues (e.g., inaccurate content on your profile, content appearing on the wrong artist profile). Your report will be routed directly to our content team for prompt review.


  • Manage team members and permissions

    • Learn more about managing your TIDAL Artist home team here

Profile updates can take up to 24 hours to reflect on your profile page. Any content uploaded to TIDAL Artist Home must adhere to our Terms of Use and Content Guidelines

Some content provided to TIDAL directly from distributors or third parties may not be editable or manageable in TIDAL Artist Home. Learn more here

Need to update your email address or legal name that is registered with TIDAL Artist Home? Please reach out to TIDAL Artist Support as this requires some behind-the-scenes updates.