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Manage your TIDAL Artist Home team

Roles determine the actions different team members can take in TIDAL Artist Home. Depending on your role, you can view fields in the artist profile, make updates, and modify access for team members. You can be a part of multiple artist teams. 



Managing multiple teams 

If you are on multiple teams, the My Artists page will consolidate all of the artists whose teams you’re on. You can use this page to jump between different artist profiles in just a few clicks.




Ownership transfer 

If you are an Owner and want to transfer the Owner role, you can only transfer this role to an invited team member in an Admin role.

Navigate to Team > Edit > Owner under Manage Roles, and select Transfer. You’ll be prompted to select the Admin team member to whom you’d like to transfer the role. 


Inviting Team Members

Note: View Only roles are unable to add new team members.

If you want to add a new team member to your artist team, navigate to Team > Add new team member. You’ll be prompted to add the email address for your new teammate - and depending on your role, you’ll assign a role based on the choices available to you.

  • If you are an Owner, you can add any role type
  • If you are an Admin, you can add Manager, Label, or View Only roles
  • If you are a Manager, you can add Label or View Only roles
  • If you are a Label, you can add View Only roles

Once you click Send invitation, you’ll see a confirmation and your new team member should receive an invite in their email inbox, prompting them to join your artist team and create an account on TIDAL.  Once completed, they should appear in the Team list.