• TIDAL x Alaska Airlines

    What is TIDAL HiFi?

    TIDAL is a global music streaming platform bringing fans closer to artists through unique experiences and superior sound quality. With TIDAL HiFi, you will have access to over 100 million songs in HiFi audio quality and more than 650 thousand videos with no ads or interruptions. 


    What am I getting if I sign up to this exclusive promotion?

    This Alaska Airlines promotion offers you an Alaska Wi-Fi code when you sign up to TIDAL HiFi with a 30-day free trial. The Wi-Fi code is valid for your next Alaska Airlines flight.


    When do I get my free Wi-Fi code for my Alaska Airlines flight?

    After signing up for TIDAL, you will automatically receive a welcome email that includes your unique Wi-Fi code to use onboard your next Alaska Airlines flight. Remember to redeem your TIDAL HiFi voucher code before your next Alaska Airlines flight to enjoy free Wi-Fi onboard.


    How do I use the promo code I was given for free Wi-Fi?

    Once in-flight, connect to Alaska Wi-Fi with the following steps:

    • Turn on your device's Wi-Fi and choose the “” network.
    • Open your web browser and visit
    • Select the option to purchase a Wi-Fi flight pass, then click “use promotional code” on the payment screen
    • Cut & paste the promotional code provided in this email into the field and click "Apply"
    • After applying the code, the price of the pass will be reduced to $0.

    What does the promo code entitle me to?

    The promo code provides a free Wi-Fi flight pass on one single Alaska Airlines flight. The code is not valid to subscriptions, time passes, or other Wi-fi or inflight purchases.


    Do I have to use the promo code on a specific flight?

    No. Promo codes are valid on any Alaska Airlines flight through July 31, 2023.


    Can I only access TIDAL with the promo code?

    No, you’ll have access to the entire internet.


    Is inflight Wi-Fi fast enough to support TIDAL?

    Yes, on most flights. Alaska Airlines operates various aircraft, however the vast majority offer streaming fast Wi-Fi. All Airbus A321s, 737-900ERs, 737 MAX, and all but one 737-900 and 737-800 aircraft. On all other aircraft, primarily used for short flights, Wi-Fi is offered but speeds are slower and may not support TIDAL. Note, speeds may vary based on a variety of conditions including system outages, defects, and coverage limitations.


    Will my flight offer inflight Wi-Fi?

    All Alaska Airlines flights offer Inflight Wi-Fi; however service levels and coverage may vary. Additionally, system outages or defects can occur from time-to-time.


    Who do I reach out to for help regarding inflight Wi-Fi?

    Alaska Airlines’ inflight Wi-Fi vendor is available to answer any questions. You can reach them at


    What if I’m already an existing TIDAL user? 

    If you are an existing TIDAL customer, please chat with Alaska Wi-Fi Onboard at prior to take off to verify your account and request a Wi-Fi code for your upcoming flight. Only current TIDAL HiFi or TIDAL HiFi Plus users are eligible to receive a free Wi-Fi code through this channel.


    Can I use my TIDAL account after my Alaska Airlines flight? 

    Absolutely. Once you sign up for TIDAL, you will be able to use your TIDAL account for free during the 30-day trial. After that, your subscription will renew at $9.99 per month + applicable sales tax. You can cancel anytime at


    Help! I didn’t receive my welcome email from TIDAL with my unique Wi-Fi code. 

    If you did not receive your welcome email and have already checked your spam or junk folders, please contact TIDAL Support here so that we can investigate.