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Payment Update for Argentine Subscribers

Due to recent changes in the way major credit cards handle Argentine Peso (ARS) currency exchange, our payment processor will only allow cards that have been issued by an Argentine bank to be used with Argentine TIDAL accounts for the foreseeable future. This includes VISA and Mastercard. Depending on what country you currently reside in, there are a couple of options available:

  • If you currently live in Argentina and are using a credit or debit card that was not issued by an Argentine bank, please update your payment method to a credit or debit card that was issued in Argentina. Failure to update your payment method may result in a billing failure, and ultimately in the cancellation of your subscription. Please note that payment through PayPal is not currently an option for Argentine customers. 

  • If you have moved to a different country, you’ll need to create a new TIDAL account that is registered under a different username and in the country you currently reside in. Once your new account is created, please reach out to TIDAL Support for assistance with transferring over your playlists and favorites.