• Purchasing Music in the TIDAL Download Store
  • What’s changing with the TIDAL Download Store?

    We are closing the TIDAL Download Store on Oct 20, 2022. TIDAL Store subscribers with pending downloads as of October 20th have until Jan 23rd to download purchases from their account to one device.


    How do I download my purchases?

    To access your purchases:   

        - Go to Purchases in your TIDAL account

        - Click 'Get File' to download to your PC

    If you would like to transfer your purchase to your mobile device or external drive, you can copy the files directly from your computer. There are several ways of transferring your MP3 or FLAC files to portable devices or network streamers.

    Note: Files cannot be downloaded directly to a mobile device or external card.

    iPod, iPhone and iTunes Users

    We recommend choosing MP3 when you download files to iOS devices and iTunes. There is no native FLAC support in iTunes or on iOS devices. To transfer your files to your Apple device through iTunes, refer to iTunes Help.

    Android Users

    We recommend choosing FLAC or MP3 when you download files for Android devices. There is no native FLAC support for Android.

    You can transfer files directly from the file system of your Windows PC or using Android File Transfer on Mac. Just drag and drop files to anywhere you prefer in the device’s file system. Refer to your device manual for specific instructions.


    Can I get a refund on past purchases?

    No. However, we advise subscribers to download any purchases made by Jan 23, 2023.


    Can purchases still be made ?

    Purchases can no longer be made. Please download any purchases onto your device by Jan 23, 2023.