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Refer a US based friend to TIDAL and receive one free month of TIDAL. Log into http://tidal.referralcandy.com/ and share one of your personalized links. Your friend must create a new TIDAL account, then they will receive a 60 day free TIDAL Premium trial. You will receive notification within the first 48 hours of activation and will receive 30 days of TIDAL Premium added to your subscription. If they do not finish the sign up or cancel during the process, you will not receive the days of bonus service. (only available in the United States to US based title users, the referred friend must be in the US as well)

If you have an active HiFi account, you will receive 15 HiFi days instead of 30 Premium days added to your account.

Free subscription days are not applicable with non-active TIDAL accounts, rebates, or discounts offered.

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