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Set up account

To sign up for a TIDAL account you may use your email address, google, or facebook accounts. Go to TIDAL.com and select Try Now.

To use your email, fill out your email form and create a password on the sign up page, then click Continue. This will take you to the Account Overview page, now you can select your subscription, add a payment method or voucher, or view receipts and purchases.

To sign up with your Google account, click on Continue with Google. Click on the “Add login” button, then select the Add TIDAL login option. You will be redirected to the Sign-in Request page where you log in with your current gmail information, then grant permission and continue.

To use your Facebook account, click on Facebook and then log into facebook at the prompt. After you log in, click on Continue then continue to payment method page. Enter your payment method and click on Continue.

If your email has been previously used for an account you may click on Forgot Password on the Login page to reset the password.

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