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MQA - What it Stands for

TIDAL now offers MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology, which is a way of compressing digital music without limitations to deliver guaranteed master-quality sound. This allows subscribers to hear music just as it was recorded in the studio; an audio experience as the artist intended.

All you need is a TIDAL HiFi membership to get access to thousands of master-quality albums through the TIDAL desktop application. When you are in the TIDAL desktop app, go to What’s New and select Masters in the Albums section.

We have over 1 million tracks from our TIDAL artist owners and key independent labels. We will continue to add more master-quality content over time. Visit the MQA website for all MQA-enabled devices http://www.mqa.co.uk/customer/our-partners. You can also contact MQA at info@mqa.co.uk for any MQA-specific questions.

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