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Sprint offer

What is the Sprint offer?

Sprint Customers will receive communications from Sprint inviting them to get 6 complimentary months of TIDAL Hifi. The offer is only available to US based Sprint customers.

When will the Sprint offer be available?

The Sprint offer will be available starting June 9, 2017

Do I have to be a Sprint customer to receive the 6 month offer?

Yes. Only Sprint Customers will receive an invitation to become a TIDAL member for 6 complimentary months of HiFi.  The invitation will come directly from Sprint.  

How do I redeem the Sprint offer?

Sprint will be sending communications to their customers regarding the offer and how to become a TIDAL member.  All new Sprint customers will also receive the offer.  If you are having trouble redeeming the offer please visit: http://sprint.com/tidal

I’m a current TIDAL and Sprint customer, Can I participate in the offer?

Yes.  You will receive the offer just like any other Sprint Customer. The Sprint offer is tied to starting a new TIDAL account. Your current TIDAL subscription will remain separate from your Sprint account. If you are a TIDAL paying member you will need to manage your subscription accordingly to avoid being billed if you decide to accept the Sprint 6 month offer.  

To set up your new account, with the 6 month offer, you will need to register your new account, directly from your Sprint device. You can go to sprint.com/tidal to redeem the offer. 

What is the 1Million Project?
Sprint and the Sprint Foundation have partnered to make free devices and service available to schools and districts to benefit 1 million low-income high school students.

To learn more visit http://goodworks.sprint.com/1millionproject/

I’m a Sprint Customer and Redeemed the offer but can’t access content on my desktop or other devices?

In order to access TIDAL on other devices Sprint users will need to set up an account with a username and password.  You MUST do this from your Sprint mobile device.  

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