• Manage account and password reset
  • Active Subscription:

    The easiest place to check if you have an active TIDAL subscription, is to go to TIDAL.com or from the home page you can click on Menu, Manage Account, and then sign in.


    To view your subscription, click on subscription; if you have an active subscription you will see a screen with a billing date mentioned above your selected subscription.

    If you do not have an active subscription, please click on the subscription you wish to proceed with. Enter your payment details, once completed you will see a green check mark on the subscription plan you chose.

    Update Account/Reset Password

    To make changes to your account go to Settings on the left hand slider. Under Profile you can change your name, birthday, or language settings, and you can also update your TIDAL password.

    Streaming is where you can choose your quality - Normal, High, or HiFi/Masters. To use HiFi/Masters you need to have TIDAL HiFi account. For HiFi playback you need to use Chrome or the TIDAL desktop application. the best HiFi/Master audio quality is only available on the TIDAL desktop application, Essential Phone and LG V30.

    To update your password, go to Settings on the left hand slider. Click on Account, then scroll down to update the password. Type in your old password, then the new password twice to confirm and click Save New Password.

    Forgot/Reset Password

    You can reset your password using this link if you forgot your password here. It will ask you to enter your TIDAL username and will send you an email on how to reset your password. Please check your spam and trash folders for the email.

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