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How to play music from TIDAL

You can play music from the music streaming service, TIDAL on Technics products supporting TIDAL by operating the dedicated application “Technics Music App” (free of charge) on your smartphone, tablet, etc.


  • Update the firmware of the Technics product supporting TIDAL to the latest version. For the update procedure, refer to the operating instructions.
  • Install the latest “Technics Music App” on your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.). For details, visit: www.technics.com/support/
  • Connect the Technics product supporting TIDAL and your device on which “Technics Music App” has been installed to the network connected to the internet. For details, refer to their operating instructions.

◆Step 1

Start “Technics Music App” on your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

◆Step 2

Select “Technics Player” > “TIDAL” as the music source.

◆Step 3

Log into TIDAL and start playback.

(If you do not have an account) Select “Sign Up”, and register the account.

  • Before using TIDAL, the account registration is required.
  • For operation details, refer to the operating instructions of “Technics Music App”.

For details, visit: www.technics.com/support/

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