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    How does My Activity work?

    My Activity is a feature enabled on the HiFi and HiFi Plus plans. This feature allows you to track your streaming activity as well as the ability to see your top streamed artists during the month. What’s more, you can share your streaming behavior with your friends through the TIDAL app. You will also be able to see prior month's activity and see how your listening changes over time. 

    If you are a HiFi Plus member, you will also have visibility into how TIDAL pays artists, and can track how your favorite artists benefit from your listening behavior.


    How do I access My Activity?

    My Activity is available only on mobile devices (Android and iOS). You can access My Activity by clicking on the icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen when in the app. It is located next to the Explore icon. 


    How often is My Activity Updated?

    My Activity is refreshed daily with your streaming activity. On the first day of each month, your prior month’s streaming activity will be fully summarized as well. If you are a HiFi Plus member, this is when you will be able to see details about Direct Artist Payouts.


    How do I share My Activity?

    When in My Activity, click on a card you want to share (currently either your current month Top Artist card or Previous Month card). You will then see a share button on the next page. Click this button to be given options to share directly to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (if these apps are installed) or to access your devices sharing options. 

    Where can I see Direct Artist Payouts?

    You can check the My Activity tab in the app to see the results of your prior month's streams on Direct Artists Payouts.


    Do all HiFi Plus members have access to Direct Artist Payouts?

    There are some HiFi Plus users who do not have access to Direct Artist Payouts based on their subscription type. All TIDAL HiFi Plus users have access to premium, immersive audio experiences.


    User Type

    Direct Artist Payout

    Subscribers through Service Providers (i.e. - Sprint, PlayPoland)


    Family Plan - Parent Account (Main Account)


    Family Plan - Child


    Users on Discounted Plans 



    Also note that if you are on a free trial or have not paid for your plan (i.e. - payment issue), this feature will not be available to you until you are charged.