• Lyrics
  • TIDAL has added a Lyrics feature giving members the option to view the lyrics of a song within TIDAL by selecting the lyrics icon, , on the Now Playing screen.

    Members can follow along with the lyrics line by line as they are synced with the selected song or read through them as a whole. Tapping on a line of the lyrics will bring listeners to that part of the song.

    When you scroll, a sync button,  will appear in the bottom right corner, if you tap on that it will jump back to the part of the song currently playing.

    In order to enjoy this new feature, TIDAL members will need to be updated to the latest version of the TIDAL app:

    iOS: 2.10.0

    Android: 2.26.0

    TIDAL members can access this feature through the mobile, desktop, or web versions of TIDAL.

    Lyrics are not currently supported for TIDAL TV apps.

    TIDAL is importing lyrics from Musixmatch, if there are no lyrics on a song, that means it is not in the database.

    You can contribute to the Musixmatch database here.