• Family
  • To upgrade to or manage a Family plan, go to account.tidal.com and sign in using the primary account holder's credentials and select TIDAL Family. 

    If you are on an individual plan, you will be given the option to select Upgrade to Family Plan. 

    Family HiFi - $17.99 AUD a month 

    Family HiFi Plus - $35.99 AUD a month        

    If you are already on a Family Plan, you can view, add, and manage members.

    The primary or parent account will be listed at the top with additional members listed below. 

    You can add up to 5 additional family members to your Family subscription. 

    To add a user, select 'Add Family Member', you will be required to submit an email address for them. This will generate an email notifying them of their account’s creation and a link to set their password.

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