• 360 Reality Audio
  • What is 360 Reality Audio?

    360 Reality Audio is an immersive experience using Sony's spatial audio technology to map out sound at any point or distance from your ears. This new listening experience is the culmination of years of acoustic and physiological studies of how we hear and place sounds. When streaming in 360 Reality Audio, the listener is made to feel as if they were experiencing a live performance. 

    If you want to learn more about 360 Reality Audio, you can do so here at 

    How does 360 Reality Audio work?

    In conventional stereo or 5.1ch surround sound, speakers are fixed in position, and the sound can only be panned around that fixed-format on a horizontal plane. 360 Reality Audio utilizes a spatial sound field by creating multiple virtual speakers which can be heard in front, back, above, and below you in a true 360-degree space.  

    What plans will include 360 Reality Audio? 

    360 Reality Audio is available to enjoy for all HiFi subscribers within the Explore section of the TIDAL app.

    What hardware is required to enjoy 360 Reality Audio? 

    Experience 360 Reality Audio with your smartphone*, any headphones, and a TIDAL HiFi subscription. 

    While 360 Reality Audio works with all headphones, owners of compatible Sony headphones can configure a personalized experience via the Sony Headphones Connect app. Just open the app and follow the instructions from within the app. For more information, please refer to Sony.

    *LG v30 and other LG phones with a special built-in DAC will not be initially supported. 

    Please note, the spatial impression of the acoustic field (localization of the sound) may vary from person to person. Some people may experience discomfort, especially when feeling an unnatural spatial impression of the field. IF you experience any discomfort, you should stop listening to the music.