• How to Locate My Account Without an Email Address
  • There are many ways we can locate an account if you're unsure of the email address you initially used to sign up for TIDAL. Please see the options below:

    Alternate Email Addresses

    - Provide us with any alternative email addresses that might have been used

    If your credit/debit card was charged:

    - First 6 digits of the credit card being charged (never send the entire card number)

    - Last 4 digits of the credit card

    - The expiration date of the credit card

    - First and Last name of the cardholder

    - Month and date of the charge

    - The exact dollar amount of the transaction


    If you were charged through a PayPal account:

    - Billing Agreement Number

    - Transaction ID Number


    If you were charged through iTunes/Apple Wallet:

    Please contact Apple Support ( for assistance, as we don't have access to their system to perform a search.


    If you were charged through your mobile (cell phone) carrier:

    Contact your mobile carrier's support phone number for assistance, as we do not have access to their inner office payment system to search their database.