• MQA for Android
  • Which versions of Android are supported?

    Android 5.0 and up

    How will the new app affect the past MQA Android handsets (e.g., LGV30, Essential phone)?

    Past MQA Android handsets will work as before


    What does the MQA decoder in the app do?

    The TIDAL app enables TIDAL HiFi members to experience Master quality music on their Android smartphone wherever they choose to listen.  The MQA decoder in the app recovers all the direct music-related information and authenticates the source of the original master recording.

    Offline listening – still Master quality?

    Yes, but you will need to select “Master” under Settings > Quality > Download.

    Does MQA work on other Android devices?

    Yes, MQA is available on Amazon TV + Tablets, Android Auto, and Android TV. 

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